Edge Workshop (In-School Programme)


Men love nothing more than making, building, and repairing—even if they’re not particularly skilled at it! While one study found that males are better at building IKEA furniture, another one done over 30 years concluded absolutely that males have better spatial ability. Give a man, or a boy, tools and they feel like conquerors.

The Edge Workshop is BB’s local community engagement through schools across New Zealand, helping to raise confident, disciplined, and fulfilled young men. Edge Workshop works with boys aged 8-11 to give them confidence in basic hand tool use; mentoring them with positive values, learned competency and positive self-esteem, attitudes and behaviours.

Interacting with positive male role-models to lead the way
Why Edge Workshop?

Teaching future generations that to build is better than to break

Supported by school principals and teachers throughout seven regions of New Zealand, Edge Workshop nurtures imagination and fosters inventiveness. As the author of The Boy’s Book of Mechanical Models, William Stout, wrote in 1916: "Give the real boy some tools and a workshop, and half the problem of bringing up the next generation is solved."

Edge Workshop began in 2010 directed by Stu Thompson with the support of BB New Zealand and has grown over the last decade  and is sort after by principals and teachers across the country.

Edge Workshops now operate in 25 schools and across 7 regions nationwide and continues to experience high demand due to the effective results produced. 


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Turning adventuresome boys into respected young men
What we Do.....
Edge Workshop operates in schools for approximately 3 hours per week during the school term and works with the same 6 boys during the term.
The workshop teaches the boys positive values and using their hands to create projects with hand tools that require a basic level of skill to master.
The activities provide challenges for the boys and they are encouraged to face their frustrations and display tenacity to overcome their initial resistance and practice the skills needed.
The results when the boys master a particular skill set are substantial and we often see them literally come to life during a session.





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